Worktop Options

Workbench Worktop Options

Galvanised Steel:

Work Surface:                   2mm galvanised steel, turned down at all four edge.
Core:                                  18mm MDF Timber core
Overall thickness:            20mm
Worktop Dimensions:     Bespoke
Usages:                              Heavy duty environments 

Suitable for fixing bench vices to. We can supply vices for £70.00 each +VAT


Thickness:                        18mm
Core:                                 Timber core
Work Surface:                  MDF
Worktop Dimensions:    Bespoke
Colours:                            Self Colour: Brown




Thickness:                        30mm
Worktop Dimensions:    1200 x 600mm - Other sizes available on request


Trespa TopLab (Solid Grade Laminate):

Thickness:                       16mm
Worktop Colours:           Trespa TopLab Base Colour Choice
Edge:                                Black (Black Core)
Worktop Dimensions:   Bespoke
Usages:                            Laboratories (Hospital, Industrial, Education etc)
                                          Wet Benches
                                          Dry ESD Electrical Benches

Trespa is composed of Kraft paper with phenolic resin applied. It is made by compressing impregnated paper or wood fibres and epoxy, phenolic or polypropylene resin at high pressure and high temperature. A special surface made with Electronic Beam Curing, a coating technique developed by Trespa, ensures durability and scratch resistance.

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