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Anti Static ESD Workbenches

10 Year Guarantee on Anti Static Workbenches

ESD Lab Workbenches with static dissipative technology designed to protect electrical components.

All our tables are made to your sizes & specification. If you can draw it, we can make it.

Email us your requirement today!

Worktop:        16mm Trespa TopLab Base or 18mm ESD Dissipative Worktop 
Frame:            40mm x 40mm x 2mm section
Load:               Up to 750KG for frames on feet

                         (our standard frames can be adapted to take larger loads if required)
Lower Rail:     Choice of Middle or Back Rail

Shelves:          Upper or lower shelves available 


Feet:               Machine threaded levelling feet. 

Castors:         100mm lockable heavy duty rubber coated swivel castors 

Height Adjustable

ESD Specification:
EBP Bar (including earth lead)
Earth Ground Strap
​Adjustable Wrist Strap not included

Important Safety Note:

We factory test and record all frames and standalone benches.


All workbenches are fitted with operator bonding point (EBP Bar) and earth ground strap. Tables require your installers to install and test before use. Full details of anti static properties and frame set up are included when a quote is created. If required, Dissipative Mats can be used in conjunction with these table’s
Our workbench table frames are constructed from 40mm x 40mm quality kite marked steel. With its welded joints typically being 3 times stronger than the actual steel. The frame is sand blasted and painted under heat to ensure a tough lasting finish which will not crack, chip or peel like conventional paints. To ensure clients peace of mind the whole frame is supported on 8mm inset welded foot plates which are flow drilled and tapped to accept 12mm levelling feet complete with locking nut mounted. Our levelling feet are rated at 200KG per individual foot.

Standard Frame Colours:
The standard final coating is high gloss but other finishes can be supplied as required. Our standard lab table frame colours are:

  • White – RAL: 9010

  • Light Grey – RAL: 7035

  • Black

All RAL colours are available but non standard colours carry an extra charge of £50.00 per order ​

27285 - bolt together esd workbench with
27285 - bolt together esd workbench with
ESD Anti Static bespoke table with led light & power sockets
ESD Ready Workbench
ESD worktop connection to make the frame grounded
Workbench Worktop Options

Trespa TopLab (Solid Grade Laminate):

Thickness:                       16mm
Worktop Colours:           Trespa TopLab Base Colour Choice
Edge:                                Black (Black Core)
Worktop Dimensions:   Bespoke
Usages:                            Dry ESD Electrical Benches

                                          Laboratories (Hospital, Industrial, Education etc)
Trespa is composed of Kraft paper with phenolic resin applied. It is made by compressing impregnated paper or wood fibres and epoxy, phenolic or polypropylene resin at high pressure and high temperature. A special surface made with Electronic Beam Curing, a coating technique developed by Trespa, ensures durability and scratch resistance.

Trespa - Made to Measure Workbenches.jpg

Static dissipative laminate (SDL)

Thickness:                       18mm Core MDF covered with SDL
Worktop Colour:            Stratus Grey
Edge:                                PVC lipping
Worktop Dimensions:   Bespoke
Usages:                            Dry ESD Electrical Benches

Static dissipative laminates are used as a working surfaces in electrostatic Sensitive Areas, the manufacture and assembly of static-sensitive electronic Components . These laminates offer the end user a static dissipative work surface with the Performance of a high pressure laminate and properties required.

Workbench with ESD electrostatic dissipative worksurface

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